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William is a very engaging trainer. As a subject matter expert, his ‘entertainer’ style during the workshop has effectively stimulated great interest and enthusiasm. 

Learners grasp the concept well through his effective communication and facilitation and achieve the training outcomes. We look forward to more of his workshops.


- Meia Singapore

Thank you Dadee for sharing knowledge and experiences at the workshop in Yangon. We have learnt a lot. It has equipped us with a more in-depth understanding of our customer requirements, products and services’ recommendations and customers’ needs and expectations.

This is very useful for participants in the hospitality and service industries. 

- Panellist, Business Services Team

The trainers have been engaging.  We have acquired new skills and knowledge from the training. The group discussion and activities have stimulated our thinking and new ways of looking at things. 

- Myanmar National Airlines

William is an all-rounded life-skills trainer.  His selfless spirit in sharing his expertise and knowledge has helped me professionally and personally.


He has impressed me with his empathetic and genuine approach to my learning especially in areas like communication, emotional quotient and ethics.  I will highly recommend to sign up for his Leadership and People Management training! 


- Nafisah Owens, Business Entrepreneur 

Dadee is a patient and engaging trainer with bilingual competencies. The Customer Service workshop, though intensive, has been well-paced and motivating. The subject has been well-delivered and professionally explained.


The workshop will help to better our service skills as these knowledge are applicable to our career. The topics covered have been beneficial to us. 


- Milly's Group

William is an engaging trainer. He stimulates active participation in his workshop, allowing a mutual exchange of ideas. He provides invaluable insights during our Business Excellence session on how an organisation gets internal stakeholders to work together and achieve the desired outcome. 

- Christopher Galistan, Total eBiz Solutions

Dadee is an engaging, positive and professional trainer. He is friendly, respectful and most enlightening.  He relates his years of experiences in client service to us with humility, optimism and open-mindedness. 

He is always ready to share and listen to our perspectives and generous with his compliments. I will recommend his workshops. 


- Prestige Affairs

William is a very fun and engaging trainer with great positivity. I enjoy attending all his Service Excellence workshops. He is generous with his sharing of real-life experience in the service industry. It is valuable learning for me! 

- Jasman Bin Sariman, Dignity Kitchen

We attended Dadee’s Zoom workshops.  His lessons have been engaging despite that it is a dry subject matter.  He relates real-life examples and interacts with each of us.  His positive disposition and professional approach spur us to learn more.


His workshops are refreshing as compared to some others we have attended.


- Hua Yang Credit

It is indeed an eye-opening experience to learn from William. He makes complicated knowledge for Service Leadership workshops easy-to-grasp.  I feel relaxed with his training style as it is relatable. I will recommend others to attend any of his workshops.  It is worth it!


- Gareth Tan, Ogawa Healthcare 

There is never a dull moment in William's training. He delivers knowledge in a storytelling style, making it easy for our understanding.  There is always clarity in his sharing and it retains in my memory days after.

I will recommend others to attend his Service Excellence and Leadership and People Management workshops. He is always ready to answer our questions if in doubt.


- Peter Leong, Business Owner

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