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Develop your inner ability to lead and inspire your people.

SAB Courses, Leadership, Myanmar, Dadee

Leaders are the backbone of the company. Leadership learning involves acquiring skills over time through training, perception, practice, and drawn-references from past experiences.

These workshops explore the important management facets such as leading strategies development and implementation, building productive workplace relationships, managing change in a diverse, challenging, and rapidly evolving business environment. Your leaders need a strong team plan and communication strategy to achieve better results.  It is not achievable without assessing your people’s current capabilities as well.

Your leaders and managers will learn to chart their leadership development roadmap and get updates on the latest trends and practices.


The workshops below vary in depth of coverage. Connect with us to identify the most suitable workshops to optimize your people’s potential.

  • Enable People

  • Cultivate Workplace Relationships

  • Lead Teams

  • Manage Change

  • Manage Achievement of Results

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