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"Who I am, makes a Difference" - William Chua


Begin your people's transformation today! 

Our Story

Service Across Borders (SAB) is a training and development consultancy company founded by a group of veteran Singapore Airlines (SIA) corporate trainers.  Our inception was inspired by the disruptive idea to provide pro-bono training to small-medium sized enterprises in the ASEAN region decade ago. Then, we were known as Trainers Across Borders. 

Today, the SAB team continues in our stride towards fulfilling our mission, partnering with Training Vision Institute (TVI), an established Singapore-based adult training provider and collaborating with other ASEAN human capital, learning and training organisations.

Our Story

About US

We believe geo-transference of business knowledge and workplace skills beyond Singapore promotes goodwill within the ASEAN region.  

We bridge trainers and educators with ASEAN business stakeholders, deliver training solutions, and improve  people’s performance

We co-design training and development programs,  provide consultancy, and create training resources and materials for individuals, teams, and organisations. 

SAB About Us, Tenacity and SAB Team
Our Vision & Mission

our vision

Inspire people. 

Develop lifelong learning cultures.

our mission

We influence and enable people to take charge of their learning pathways.

We re-invent learning strategies for individuals, teams, and organisations to achieve with better clarity and focus, thus improving performance.

our Values

SAB Values, Service



We acknowledge that people have different starting points in their paths to leadership. They converge and end at being of service to others.

SAB Values, Agile



We value adaptability and nimbleness. We adjust positively to new economic undercurrents, situations and environments.

SAB Values, Boldness



We brave challenges and respond innovatively with courage.

SAB Values, Leadership



We nurture consistent learning in people and a knowledge-sharing culture in organisations, to give you a competitive edge over your competitors. 

SAB Values, Clarity



We deliver complicated content into easily assimilated bite-size learnings. Simplicity is the key to service leadership.

Our Values
Our Team

Meet Our Team

SAB Founder, William Chua

William Chua

SAB Consultant, Audrey Loo

Audrey Loo

SAB Head of Sales, Dadee Ang

DaDee Ang

Principal Consultant
Consultant/ Developer
Head of Sales/ 
Trainer & Coach

William is a maverick of the learning and development league.  He believes critical thinking helps people to take responsibility and shape their learning paths. Learners are drawn to his generosity in imparting knowledge and connecting with them individually.  His motto: relationships begin with a conversation.  His favourite quote, "Who I am, makes a Difference".

Audrey is fascinated with the effects of learning on people’s performance. She has witnessed how continuous learning rewards people to grow beyond their capabilities and stay more engaged and productive. This motivates her to create ongoing, organisation-wide learning programmes and deepens her exploration into innovative learning strategies and bold training solutions.

Dadee has always been intrigued by what life experiences could offer him and started working at a young age. His natural empathy for people makes it easy for him to see and feel from their perspectives. His contagious optimism inspires others to make progress and look to the future with anticipation. He believes service excellence leads to great leadership.

Can-do Attitude




Leave No People Behind


Culture Voyager


Fluency In Burmese


Skilled In Tai-Chi Martial Arts

Bedrock Integrity


Service First


Change Agent


Loves Char Kway Teow





Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner


Intuitive Listener


Yoda, Legendary Jedi Master


Loves Yoga


corporate solutions 

We are committed to the success of our business stakeholders.  We adopt a design-thinking approach in our consulting work with our clients.   


This approach brings both the needs of our business stakeholders and their people together, enabling us to design effective solutions and taking the business to the next level.

Our 5-steps approach:

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SAB Corporate Solutions, Empathize


We speak to the relevant key stakeholders in your organisation to understand their challenges, pain-points and training needs, and align expectations.

SAB Corporate Solutions, Define


We identify and prioritise pertinent issues on hand after completing a training needs analysis on your organisation and clarifying with the respective stakeholders.

SAB Corporate Solutions, Ideate


We come up with ideas, redesign learning strategies, adopt innovative methodologies, and bold training techniques to deliver customised training solutions to match your needs. 

SAB Corporate Solutions, Propose


We discuss with and propose to the respective stakeholders on the training solutions and delivery methods, including the expected performance outcomes.

SAB Corporate Solutions, Deliver


We deliver relevant training, interact with the participants, and gather feedback - how they have benefited, what can apply at work and how they feel after the workshops. The respective stakeholders will get updates about these valuable insights.

Corporate Solution

Our Courses

SAB Courses, Leadership, Myanmar, Dadee


Develop your inner ability to lead and inspire your people.

SAB Courses, Service Excellence, William
Service Excellence

Provide clear service instructions for your people to uphold.

SAB Courses, Critical Core Skills, Myanmar, Audrey
Critical Core Skills

Equip your workers with essential skills to win.

SAB Reviews, William


William is a very engaging trainer.  As a subject matter expert, his ‘entertainer’ style during the workshop has effectively stimulated great interest and enthusiasm. 

Learners grasp the concept well through his effective communication and facilitation and achieve the training outcomes. We look forward to more of his workshops.


- Meia Singapore

Our Partners

Our Partners

SAB Partners, Training Vision logo
SAB Partners, Panellist logo
SAB Partners, Tenacity logo

Contact US



Tel: +65 9663 6773, +65 9090 7272


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